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Creative Essence Marketing and Events is the marketing agency that steps in when you want to begin building your brand identity. We are not your usual marketing agency; we are a team that works to achieve perfect composition for your brand, organization, product or service.

We believe that marketing and events is a field where service is key the differentiator and hence our approach is to develop best strategy and deliver perfect experience.


Building a brand is a craft which requires diligence and commitment. We listen to you, ask lot of questions, develop brand objectives and then create your brand story.

We merge your objectives and our skills to give a whole new color to your brand aspirations. Once we understand your aspirations and goals we begin putting the pieces together to give your ideas and expectations a tangible shape.


Transforming your brand is our motivation and aim. Creative Essence Marketing and Events is engaged in providing entire gamut of services that are part of brand marketing universe. It has been envisioned on the principle of providing holistic solutions to small businesses and start-ups that are looking to build their brands.

It is an enterprise which will fill the gap arising out of the constant changes in marketing strategies and rise of aspirations of business owners.


We value your faith in us and endeavor to deliver results that are tangible and measurable. Building a brand is like a journey, which comprises of many stopovers before we reach the final destination.

We travel with you on this fascinating journey of building your brand, develop strategies that will help in organic growth of your brand.

Marketing Collaterals
Web & Social Media
Event Collaterals


Marketing Collaterals

Marketing Collaterals

To get all eyes on you!
We are a creative communication agency delivering concepts, content and creative. We prepare and deliver marketing messages for our clients in both above the line and below the line segments. Besides traditional marketing approach, we blend digital marketing practices in our strategy to promote and establish a brand.

Web & Social Media

Web & Social Media

To engage the customer!
Like humans brands are also social animals. They need to be around people to flourish, be happy and grow. We offer full spectrum social media integration in the marketing plan to promote the brand.



To engage & entertain
Brand represents a company’s Identity – it reflects the reputation, trustworthiness and quality of their service offering. Brand marketing influences how a customer perceives a brand and it is most effective in creating loyal customers. Brand marketing involves communicating with its target audience not only about what a company does but also what is its USP. Any brand communication should bring instant recollection and recognition about the company. It is all about packaging your brand in tangible and intangible forms.

On the side

On the side

To add to your Brand value !
When we started this company we had couple of questions for ourselves, Why would anyone give us business? Are we needed? And how can we make our space in the glittering yet tough world of marketing and communication? The answer was, yes, we are needed. The Canadian Advertising industry is growing at a rapid pace. Every day new brands and brand extensions are on lookout for creative minds to promote and establish them. New business owners need to go extra mile to attract and retain customers

We are looking forward to hear from you!

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